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Many traders have recently turned their interest to the huge and highly liquid foreign exchange or forex market. If you are also thinking of joining this trend, then is the right place to get started.


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80% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

What is Forex Trading

Before diving into this wonderful, exciting world, let's try and understand what is forex trading. In its most basic form, foreign exchange involves the exchange of one currency for another. Of course trading activity is much more complicated and involves buying and selling currency pairs, using various instruments, like forward contracts, vanilla options, CFDs and binary options.

The Advantages of Online Currency Trading

The availability and accessibility of the global forex market is one of its major advantages. The global fx market operates around the clock from Sunday to Friday which means that you can basically trade at any time, day or night, excluding the weekends of course. And, although the market’s major currency trading centers are London, New York and Tokyo, as long as a trader can access the Internet with a relatively recent computer, he can trade currencies from just about anywhere by opening and funding an online forex trade account with an online broker.

Another very important advantage is that dealing spreads are especially tight and very few brokers charge commissions. This is a result of the increasing competition in the market and growing number of brokers and specialized comparison sites.

How to Get Started with FX Trading

So you see how getting started with fx trading online is both easy and cost effective. Here is what you should do in order to start trading.

  1. Get your funding together – make sure you have enough risk capital
  2. Obtain the necessary equipment and software
  3. Open an account with a reputable online broker
  4. Before you start real money forex trades – make sure that you know your way around the foreign exchange market and that you are familiar with at least the basics of online trading activity and the options it offers you. If you feel that your knowledge of the market is not sufficient, you can always use a forex trade copier to make the trade decisions for you.

Risk Capital

It makes little sense to take the time to set up a trading account if you do not anticipate having access to risk capital to trade with in the near future. Risk capital consists solely of money that you can afford to lose without sacrificing any necessities of life.

For a retail forex trader, online currency trading typically requires an initial deposit to a currencies trading account with a broker. Even though you can always practice your trader skills using a forex demo account or simulator funded with virtual money, if you want to take on real positions, you will need to at least deposit the minimum amount of capital specified by the broker you are interested in using. Fortunately, this amount can be less than $100 with some services.

Equipment and a Forex Trading Platform

If you are reading this article on the Internet, then you probably already have all of the equipment you will need to trade online, which basically consists of a relatively recent computer connected to the Internet.

In terms of software, basically all online brokers will provide you with a suitable forex trading platform free of charge. The platform can either be downloadable or a web based interface. Typical currency trade platform software will allow you to monitor the fx market, perform technical analysis, enter trades and orders, and manage your positions.

Mobile trading is another option which is growing in popularity. Most leading brokers already offer a trading apps, where you can enjoy the same functions from your mobile device.

Online Forex CFD Brokers

A trader that has an account with one of the following CFD brokers can trade CFDs on underlying financial instruments such as Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Options and Indices

To ensure that your trade experience is a positive one you need to choose a trustworthy CFD broker. The list below contains some of the best online CFD brokers in the market today. You can read our reviews to get more information about each of them or simply click on the relevant link to go straight to their website. To open an account with any of these providers you will need to fill out a form, provide appropriate information and documentation and fund your account.

  • (80% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money).

Once your account has been funded, you are ready to start. Make sure you take the time to learn about how the market works and develop a trading plan.

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